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Trial is now closed for recruitment

Am I eligible to take part?

Thank you for expressing your interest in participating in the LASER trial.
Unfortunately the trial is now closed for recruitment. If you have asthma and would be interested in participating in clinical trials in the future, please click here: or call us directly on 07730 619850


Please provide answers to the following 8 questions to help us assess your eligibility.

To register your interest in the LASER Trial, simply click the link below to send us an email containing your responses to the questions below. However if you have any queries or concerns, please contact a member of the LASER Trial team directly on 07730 619850.

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  1. Age
  2. Postcode (to help us determine where your local trial site is located)
  3. Smoking Status
    • Do you smoke?
    • If not, have you ever smoked?
    • If you have previously smoked, how many each day? For how many years?
  4. Do you suffer from Allergies?
    • To what? Cat/ Dog / House Dust Mite / Moulds / Other
  5. How many Asthma Attacks have you had in the last 12 months that have required treatment with steroid tablets?
  6. What Inhaler Treatments do you regularly use for your asthma?
  7. How do your asthma Symptoms affect your day to day life?
    • Do asthma symptoms keep you awake at night?
    • How often do you need to use your blue (reliever) inhaler?
    • Do asthma symptoms limit your everyday activities?
  8. How did you hear about The LASER Trial?

We will contact you by return of e-mail to discuss the trial in more detail

Please be aware that your local trial site may not currently be open for recruitment.

The LASER Trial - A breath of fresh air in Asthma!

The LASER Trial is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme
(Project number 12/33/28)

Trial is now closed for recruitment March 15, 2015

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