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LASER Team – Investigator Bios


Professor Anoop J Chauhan

Chief Investigator

Professor Chauhan is the lead investigator for the LASER trial. He is Director of Research and a Consultant Respiratory Physician at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Professor Chauhan has extensive experience of running longitudinal trials of novel therapies in severe asthma. He has specific expertise in the links between the indoor environment, air quality, allergens and asthma.


Dr. Tom Brown


Dr. Brown is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Senior Registrar in Respiratory Medicine. He has taken time out of his postgraduate medical training to undertake research in asthma towards gaining a higher research degree (MD) from the University of Portsmouth. He has had extensive experience in clinical trials design and planning and service reconfiguration.


Dr. Will Storrar

Trial Coordinator

Dr. Storrar is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Registrar in Respiratory Medicine. He joined the LASER trial team in 2013 as the trial coordinator and will oversee the day to day running of the trial.


Professor Peter Howarth


Professor Peter Howarth is Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Professor Howarth is the area lead for “Airways disease” within the NIHR funded Respiratory Bioscience Research Unit in Southampton. He is the Chief Investigator for the NIHR/MRC funded Wessex Severe Asthma Cohort and a lead for UBIOPRED, an EU funded initiative in severe asthma.


Professor Peter Bradding


Professor Bradding is a Professor of Respiratory Medicine in the Department of Infection, Inflammation and Immunity at the University of Leicester. Professor Bradding has a broad experience of biological therapies in asthma and leads ‘Translational Molecular Discovery’ at the NIHR funded Leicester Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit.


Dr. Adel Mansur


Dr. Mansur is consultant physician at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham and honorary senior lecturer at University of Birmingham. He leads the Severe and Brittle Asthma Unit ( ) which is one of the busiest severe asthma services in the UK. Dr Mansur has long standing established experience in running clinical trials in asthma and leads the severe asthma research program and the clinical asthma research network for the West Midlands. He is also member of the British Thoracic Society severe asthma group.


Ms. Ly-Mee Yu

Co-investigator + Medical Statistician

Ms. Yu is the lead trial statistician at the Clinical Trials Unit in the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford. She previously worked at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine in Oxford. She has an extensive experience working on multicentre randomised clinical trials.


Mr. Ramon Luengo-Fernandez

Co-investigator + Health Economist

Dr. Luengo-Fernandez is a University Research Lecturer and Health Economist at the University of Oxford’s Health Economics Research Centre. He has over 10 years’ experience of analysing resource use, cost and outcome information using patient level data to assess the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions.


Professor Taraneh Dean


Professor Dean is the Director of Research at the University of Portsmouth. Professor Dean is also Honorary Deputy Director at the Asthma and Allergy Research Centre on the Isle of Wight. She has extensive research experience in the field of asthma and allergy.


Dr. Najib Rahman


Dr. Rahman is a Consultant Respiratory Physician and Senior Lecturer at the University of Oxford. Dr. Rahman is an expert clinical trials methodologist, has wide experience of running NIHR funded trials in respiratory disease and is Clinical Director of the Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit (ORTU) a therapeutic division of Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit.


Dr. Ann Dewey

Co-investigator + Qualitative Researcher

Dr. Dewey is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work at the University of Portsmouth. Dr. Dewey is an experienced qualitative researcher and will conduct the qualitative study within the clinical trial. She is part of the Cochrane Collaboration Qualitative Methodology group.


Ms. Carole Fogg


Ms. Fogg is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work at the University of Portsmouth. Ms. Fogg is an advisor for the NIHR Research Design Service (South Central) and has over 10 years’ experience of clinical research, including co-ordinating large clinical trials.


Mrs. Emma Hedley

Trial Manager

Mrs. Hedley is a Senior Clinical Trials Administrator at the Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit. She will be the trial manager for the LASER trial and has experience in managing randomised controlled trials including those involving medical devices.


Mrs. Emma Munro


Mrs. Munro is the Trust Lead Research Nurse at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Mrs. Munro has extensive experience of randomised trials and feasibility assessments, with an expertise in developing a flexible research nurse workforce across multiple sites to support recruitment.

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LASER Team – Investigator Bios May 29, 2011

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