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Is the treatment safe?

Airsonett® is a CE marked medical device and is licensed within the UK for its use in the treatment of allergic asthma.

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How does Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA) work?

Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow works by interrupting the body’s usual convection currents and by delivering slightly cooled, filtered air to the patient’s breathing zone whilst they are asleep at night. TLA treatment dramatically reduces the number of allergen particles inhaled overnight allowing a period of essential recovery for […]

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What is Airsonett®

Airsonett® is a new non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment for patients with allergic asthma. The Airsonett® treatment device uses Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA) technology. The Airsonett® device is installed in the patient’s bedroom at the head of the bed and used overnight whilst the patient is asleep.

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What will taking part in the trial involve?

If you take part in the trial then you will be required to visit your local trial team on a number of occasions during your 12 month trial period. There will be 6 visits in total and where possible these will be scheduled to coincide with your […]

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How do I find out more about the trial?

If you are interested in finding out more about the trial then please contact the trial team on If you are interested in taking part then you will be invited to an information event where we will give a demonstration of the treatment device and explain […]

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How long will the trial last for?

The trial will last for 12 months.

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How many participants will be involved?

We will include 222 patients in the trial. 111 of the participants will receive an active Airsonett® treatment device and 111 will receive a placebo / inactivated device. During the trial participants and the trial team will not know which device each individual participant has.

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What is the treatment being tested?

We are investigating whether a new treatment, Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA), delivered by a machine (Airsonett®) in the patient’s bedroom can help to improve asthma control and reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and hospital admissions.

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